Model 04
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This was the first model shoot I ever did. Her name is Kimberly, and she is fantastic. She is truly beautiful, and the camera seemed to love her. This picture isn't my favorite shot of her, but it's one I haven't looked at since the shoot, and I do enjoy it. She looks uncertain, but is definitely confident. She has since moved from San Diego and is "Snow White" at Disneyland in Los Angeles. Someday I will shoot her again, she doesn't know it yet. If you click these photos, you can see the image, and some others from that day. Please take a look around, and if you're on Flickr.com, feel free to leave a comment.



the CoR said...

Et tu Jonny?? Disneyland is not in Los Angeles. It's in Anaheim. Like the Angels... who are also not in Los Angeles. Not even Los Angeles county. Sheesh. ;o)

JonnyUps said...

I put Los Angeles because NOBODY outside of where we live has any clue what Anaheim is. :)