Goodbye To You

Goodbye To You
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So my intentions with this blog, initially, was to keep it impersonal. I wanted a creative outlet that didn't revolve around myself. However, over the last few months, this blog has been anything but impersonal. I have given you all a view of my life, and the pain that I have experienced. I have showed you the wrinkles caused by stress. The gray hairs, if you will. My life has been a mess, and I think I have conveyed that to an extent.

December 20th started as most mornings do. My alarm went off, and I got up. That's where it changed. I drove to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. My mom, brothers, myself (and a few others) sat silently as 2 officers in the Navy folded an American Flag, and set it on a podium with the urn containing my Dad's ashes. In the distance, another officer played "Taps" on the bugle. It was eerie. The horn bounced off of every headstone in the place and made its way out to sea. This was finality. This was closure. This was respect. My Dad deserved nothing less than the most honorable ceremony.

Now just a week later, so much has passed. Most notably, I had my first Christmas without my father. I don't know how to explain my thoughts surrounding this, but I missed 1 thing in particular. My Dad had the best talent when it came to guessing his presents. You could wrap a super soaker in a box filled with pennies and cans of baked beans, and he'd be able to tell you what brand of backed beans were in the box, and the color of the super soaker. This Christmas we didn't get to see him guess his gifts, but I know he would have been right on, just like every year.

As 2007 comes to a close, I think of all the good times I had. Free trip to Japan, becoming an uncle, buying my first new car. But the death of my father overshadows it all. I'm sorry 2007, but you have sucked.

2008, I look foward to meeting you.


Wonderful Father

Wonderful Father
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How does one even begin to describe the life of a 62 year old man who meant the world to him? Bare with me as I search in my mind to find words that don't seem to come easily.

My dad. I knew him all my life. I could talk for days about the experiences I've had with him. From the car shows, to the drive to Utah and back, to camping, fishing, bird watching, ambulance chasing, and even him giving me my first camera. He has shaped my life in a way you could not know. I could talk for the same amount of days about the things I've learned from him. How to change my tires, how to treat a lady, how to appreciate the beauty in a pile of metal with 500 horsepower in it, and how to love. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

In his final days he was in pain. Cancer is a bitch. Cancer is ugly and cancer is dirty and cancer does not fight fair.

March 18th, this was the day my dad went to Urgent Care thinking he had pneumonia. Later that day he was told that it was not pneumonia, but a mass in his lungs. This morning, less than 9 months after diagnosis, my dad took his last breath. My mom and I were at his side, and it was peaceful.

He was a man of integrity, I hope you knew him. I'm sorry I can't paint a picture that even begins to portray how amazing this man was.

~ Ronald Edward Upson ~
September 11, 1945 - December 7, 2007


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Here are seven things you may or may not know about me (JonnyUps):

1. I love the beach, but hate sand and am afraid of the water.

2. When I picture myself, I don't imagine the face I have. I imagine no face at all, but a feeling of "coolness" in place of a visual of myself.

3. I hate answering my cell phone but pay $70 a month to keep it AND have a ton of minutes. For the record, I do have internet/unlimited texts, which I love.

4. I could eat bagels and cream cheese for every meal of the day, for the rest of my life.

5. My favorite music is made by the bands/groups that your 16 year old sister would listen to.

6. Holding a camera is therapy to me. When I don't have a camera in my hand, I get bummed out because I am always seeing shots that I could take.

7. I don't tell people anything about my life, yet I found it very difficult to come up with 7 things to tell you.

I'm going to tag: Amy V, JFish, Arpit, Jimmy R., and Rosey


Flying High

Newport 3
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This photo is over a year old. It was taken in Newport Beach while I was hanging out with some friends. I remember commenting to them that I was too heavy to ever experience a ride like this, to ever feel that feeling of free flight.

Thinking back on it, gravity has a hold on me. Emotionally at this point in my life, my personal gravity is pulling me down. The natural reaction to gravity is to stand up, to fight it with our muscles so we can walk and live. I'm doing my best. I think I'm standing up fine, but the weight I feel inside is like I'm on mars. I can still fight it, but the gravity has gotten stronger, and makes me feel like I'm 1,000 lb's heavier.

I think that what I'm learning through this ordeal will help me talk to other people better who are dealing with cancer in their life. Either in their body, or the body of a loved one. I don't think my role is to be a motivational speaker, but I think that as cancer becomes more common, I will know more people dealing with it.

I don't know what my next entry will look like. As I feel heavier, my dad prepares to fly high.


Ginger, My Dog.

Ginger, My Dog.
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Thanksgiving. The time of year where families gather. They eat yams, mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, turkey...the works. Football is on tv, and ovens are furiously warming the treats that we millions across america will soon enjoy. My thanksgiving day didn't consist of a meal like this, but that's ok this year. I spent some quality time in the backyard of my parent's home with my dog, Ginger. She's a loving animal that helps me forget the pain that I feel inside my heart.

Guys, Girls, people reading this. Do me a huge favor and hug your family. Tell somebody you love them. It means more in the long run than you'd ever imagine. Thank you for reading here, I hope to be better at this soon.


Emma's First Thanksgiving

Emma's First Thanksgiving
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We all have little reasons to be thankful this year. This is mine.
What's yours?
sent from my phone, homie.


Witch Creek Fire (2007)

Ramona Fire (2007)
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(photo heavy blog, click any of the photos to see a bigger view)

It was Sunday night, almost 4 years to the day since San Diego's last huge fire. I knew exactly where to find a good view, as I had been there before. I used my car as a tripod, and snapped a quick shot of what I saw. The Witch Creek Fire, still far away, posed no threat to me.

The next morning, I woke up to banging on my door and people rushing around. The fire was moving in close to me...within a mile. And all the news stations were running my photo:

Famous Photographer

The wind was picking up, and the smoke was moving in. What little bit of sun made it through the smoke made for some interesting sunrise colors.

...And High Winds in a Fiery Sky

We quickly evacuated, and headed our own ways. I knew of some high spots in Escondido that overlooked places where the fire would be. I came to a favorite spot of mine, with some dead trees, overlooking the freeway. They freeway was shut down and the lack of sound was eerie. You could hear the wind gusting, and whipping up sand and ash.

...the Freeways Are Closed

Unsatisfied with the lack of heat, I drove down the hill to where I could see the front line of the fire. At this point, the fire had started branching off and attacking neighboring Rancho Bernardo. It split and went south and north at the same time.

Fire Closes In 3

Their Homes Are In Danger

Flames moved quickly, and crossed the freeway towards my house. Some homes weren't as lucky as the firemen could only do so much against the strong winds.

It Jumps The Freeway


The winds picked up, but it seemed like the fire had gone beyond my house by crawling along Lake Hodges and down towards the ocean.

Strong Winds 1

We came back home that night, and even contemplated sleeping in our own beds, but rational logic got the best of us and told us that we should probably give it another day to cool off. We could look from our porch and see the flames moving away at a very safe distance. All fear was gone.

The next morning, we get word that the winds kicked up again, and this time, in our direction. There was no stopping the fire. The winds were too strong for helicopters and planes to fly in, so we were out of luck. This was taken from the street across from my neighborhood. Just to the left of the frame is where I live.

I Could Hardly Watch

And then the Heavens opened up for us. The helicopters showed up. 4 of them.

Army National Guard

When all was said and done, the fire had stopped at our neighborhood. The firefighters had made their stand on our street and made sure the flames didn't go any farther. Sadly for many homes just west of us, the fire was too much. These are fire truck tracks that back up directly to my bedroom window:

Fire Engine Wuz Here!

Our new view looks like this:

Our New View 2

Thank you to everybody who prayed, and is praying for the situation here. I can't explain it to you, but it's very intense. Click the photo below for a slideshow of all of the photos I took during this time.

And Smoke And Ash Fill The Sky



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The fires are closing in. This is the sun coming up.
sent from my phone, homie.


Emma Lynn

Emma Lynn
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Here she is! I'm an uncle!
sent from my phone, homie.


Rainy Day Schedule
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The 20 year storm that was set to hit San Diego ended up being nothing more than a drizzle. Still, nice to see water fall from the sky instead of 100 degree weather. This weather is very welcomed and sparks great memories of past years.

As I sit here in the parking lot of my favorite Starbucks, sipping my warm hot chocolate and listening to the new mixes from the yet-to-be-finished "We Shot The Moon" album, I can't help but think of C.S. Lewis and his Narnian chronicles. You see, years ago a friend dared me to read a book. You're probably thinking, "Why would you need to be dared to read a book?" but for me, reading isn't something that catches my interest. So I picked up a book, and my unemployed rear, and spent countless days exploring Narnia. Those were the days without heartache, without bills, without lonliness, and without cancer.

And now as the rain gets harder on the windshield, I sigh with contentment knowing that even though I neglect Him, God has me. He undoubtedly has me.


Christina 2

Christina 2
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Summer is coming to a close. It went by fast, and is ending with record temperatures. I ended the summer with a fun photoshoot with my good friend Christina. She's such a fun person to shoot because she just has her fun, and I get to be the spectator who happens to have a camera.

This particular shot is simple. Just her feet hanging off the edge of a tiny dock, in a tiny lake, a pond even. Small enough to throw a rock across.

This shot is what summer should be. Carefree relaxation. The feet want to plung into the water, but just seem to hold on to the edge of safefy for some reason. Maybe the water is cold? Maybe it's murky. Whatever the reason, they sat there long enough for me to capture, and I'm pleased with the outcome.

Hopefully I will take some more shots this weekend, we will see!


It's Finally Here!


Click the photo to see the new line of clothes from Amour! The store is finally UP AND RUNNING so head on over and please buy 1 or all 4 shirts!

Love Always,
(and Amour Clothing)



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It's here! We're currently at Soma in San Diego making our debut! As
soon as we get some models to wear our shirts, we'll have them online
for purchase!
sent from my phone, homie.


Pimp Mobile

Pimp Mobile
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It's finally mine! This 2008 Scion xB is mine!


Simpsons The Movie
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Its amazing! In the theater right now!




...Now that the movie is over, and I am home, I can try to do a mini-review. Overall, the movie is hilarious. If you choose to go, go with another person who is a fan of The Simpsons. The jokes are great, the first 15 minutes of the movie killed me so be sure to get there on time! All in all, this movie is all it's cracked up to be. It's funny, every simpsons character ever is in the movie (i noticed one person missing, i'm sure there were more), and it's just a good time. So go see it, and come back and tell me what you thought of it!


Testing New Phone

Testing New Phone
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Been a loooong day. I'll explain later. In the meantime, In N Out has

new boxes for "animal fries" and I think that's cool. If you've never

had these fries, order them!


-jon (from my sidekick 3)



Mike, Jen & Emma 2

Mike, Jen & Emma 2
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3 months from now...

I'm so excited to become an uncle! This will be the first Upson girl to be born since my aunt (over 60 years ago). This photo is of my brother (Mike) and his fiance (Jen) showing each other their bellies. I think Mike may have a larger belly, but Jen is catching up. They're both so happy, and the 2 grandmothers-to-be are excited as well! I hope this brings both families closer, because Jen's family is so much fun!

Seems like the season of babies, so I had to post something about these 2.

On another note, come see me in Malibu with Jonathan Jones, of Waking Ashland, at the Malibu in tonight (thursday) playing some of his new solo material. Check him out here:




The 2nd one is his new band that will be a full rock outfit. GREAT songs to come out of that. See you soon!



Racine 3

Racine 3
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I made a new friend about a week ago. His name is Racine. I got to feed him, brush him, help wash him. His owner is also my new friend. I didn't feed or brush her though, I think she's very capable of taking care of those things herself. But Racine and his owner had some jumping lessons, so I went to take pictures. He never jumps, but he did a great job. This shot is after his lesson. He gets to run free and roll around in the dirt and romp and kick and have a good time. He was showing off a little and would run towards me, kick up dust, and take off again.

I love vacation, it's giving me time to do the things I need to do. Too much personal stuff to get into right now, but spending some time with Racine was some much needed therapy. If you ever have the chance to connect with a horse, do it. They are a good time.




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So here it is. The news. Some of you already know about this, so forgive me for repeating myself. I will include some other photos in this post to make it worth your while. But this main picture says it all. Amour. It's a clothing company my buddy Travis is starting, and has asked me to start with him. He does some good design work, and I know (and love, of course) a billion people. Together, we'll make this happen.


There it is. Nothing is for sale. We are working on ordering the shirts, making the screens, printing the shirts, and getting them up online for you to love and purchase. The illustration attached is a SMALL sample of the kind of design to expect. These designs will be simple, lovely, hand-drawn, and fun. We're not afraid to have fun. And we're not afraid to wear fun. If this doesn't happen in the month of July, forgive me. It'll come soon!

7 Shot Hummingbird

This shot has gotten so much attention on Flickr.com!! Hundreds of views in just 10 days. I sat patiently in my parent's backyard and finally caught the hummingbird getting some food.

Flower Alone

This lonely flower was just waiting to be photographed. I saw it abstractly, and took it. it was almost amongst other greenery, but it's location forced me to frame it this way, thus making it absolutely stunning to my own eye. I personally LOVE this shot.

New Phone

Last but not least, my new phone. I am retiring cingular, and picking up t-mobile. Cingular, thanks for the last 8 years. T-mobile, you'd better be good to me.

Thanks for visiting the .com,


No Bee

No Bee
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So the Summer Solstice is less than a week away. And also less than a week away is my 4 week (paid) vacation. I plan on hitting up our pool a lot, and taking some pictures, and spending time with my family.

Today is the day of a very special wedding. My neighbor, who I have known since she was in diapers, is getting married. She is a one of a kind human being, and I am so happy for her to start her new life as a married woman. She is a few years younger than me, which causes me to reflect on my life and why I haven't found my wife yet. I know it's a silly thought though, and I won't elaborate on it.

Summer is the season of long days. I love long days. I'm a night person, but will milk the sunlight for all it is worth, then be active until late at night. There is so much to do and see in life that I don't want to miss any of it. Please take advantage of your time here as much as possible.

It's late and I'm not making sense anymore. I will have some exciting news to post here sometime this coming week. It's a new venture in my life that could be very exciting. Please come back, ok?



JonnyUps, Sumo Wrestler, Jonathan Jones, Jesse Pruett

Well, I've been back from Japan for a couple weeks now and haven't updated you all on my trip. In one word ... Amazing.

Japan is the greatest country I have been in so far. France has the beauty and the romance, Switzerland has the spotless atmosphere, Germany has good beer and beautiful ladies, Japan has most of the above. It is such a comfortable place to be. Every person I met was friendly and kind and willing to help if I needed it...or helped even before I needed it. The food was fantastic. The experiences were great. I loved it, and would go back in a heart beat.

Let's see, a few bullet points from our trip:

-Met a sumo wrestler (see photo attached)
-My Chemical Romance mentioned that they saw the big line outside the venue before our show (no we didn't play with them, they were just in town)
-Fabtone (our label) is run by the greatest people on earth.
-Played a show with more production than a House Of Blues show
-Karaoke (I'll never tell...)
-Bands we played with ruled
-Being a rockstar on the other side of the world
-Hitting my head on every doorway

Those are just a few highlights. I won't share them all, they're only exciting to me and those of us on the trip. But it was sweet. Just know that this trip will never leave my mind.

Hasta La Vista,

ps. new clothing line coming soon...just wait!


Shibyua Reflection

Shibyua Reflection
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Mushi Mushi.

So here I sit. 5:16pm in Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan. 1:16am in San Diego. I am far from home.

After a million hours of travelling, we landed in Tokyo, took a train for an hour to Shibuya. Shibuya is part of Tokyo. It's where Lost In Translation was filmed. We hit up our hotel, showered, and went out for dinner. Had some great Japanese beer, and feasted on fish salad, beer, pizza, fries, sushi, beer, ramen, more beer. It was great. I ate a LOT of raw fish. Yellow Tail, Salmon, Tuna, Scallops, Shrimp. All raw. It was nuts. Thanks to the beer, I had no problem. :)

We slept like rocks.

Today we walked around a ton, ate more great food, saw our album in HMV (we were on a listening station with Waking Ashland, Brighten, Copeland, Bayside...pretty sweet) and Tower Records. Quite exciting if you ask me.

Tonight, in about an hour, we go back to the venue we're playing at, and watch the openers. At the end of the night, we take the stage for our cd release show, and see how japan likes us. Maybe they'll hate us. :) Jonathan from Waking Ashland will join us on stage for 2 songs, then we'll finish our set. Our itinerary clearly states that after the show, we "party" so I guess we do what our label tell us. :)

The photo attached is just a reflection of a building on another building. This city is so photogenic.

Love from Tokyo,


Can Anybody Hear Me?

Can Anybody Hear Me?
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Photographically, this photo isn't anything special. Your mom with a little point and shoot could have made this happen. That's not the point of this picture. The point of this picture is to post it so I have an excuse to blog.

You see, I ditched my LiveJournal a little while back because I turned myself into the internationally known ".com" that I am now. ;) All joking aside, I am giving you all a follow up to some previous posts.

My dad is still battling cancer. He finished up his intense radiation on Monday, the 14th (aka, my birthday). His next appointment is on May 30th, and I think they'll be discussing chemo options, and if any progress was made with the radiation. This could be a huge turning point in the fight to survive. My dad has the option to accept that the cancer is stealing his life away, and he also has the option to fight it with chemo. I have come to the point of not being angry. He has earned the right to make that decision, either way. I can't be selfish and expect him to fight if the outlook is not in his favor. I love my dad, and he has inspired me, and taught me so many things. So whatever his decision be, I respect him and his love for the family he has taken care of for so many years.

In other areas of my life, things are great. I have had the best week in a long time because I have come to realize that my sad little excuse for depression isn't a part of my life, it's just an intruder. My band is leaving for Tokyo on thursday morning, and we'll spend 5 days there, play 3 shows including an in-store performance at Tower Records, and we'll fly home. I'm excited. I have heard nothing but good comments on the country of Japan, and the people who live there. I am excited to meet them and spend some time with them.

In my joy for life this week, I have been caught off guard with some happy transitions and thoughts. I wish I could say more, but I am still figuring things out. Life is good, and God has made it evident in my life that He is the creator of all, and he can change hearts and change minds. And with that, He has transformed thoughts that were in my head into bits of joy that have caught me off guard. So...joy...keep coming. I enjoy you. And I enjoy the people you bring with you.

I must show my thanks to all of you who read this. Cairo, Egypt ... thank you for reading. China, Japan, the UK, Canada...thanks for reading. I appreciate every brain that takes in the story of my life.




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This post is for my own records.

Today P.O.D. posted a bulletin on myspace about my band. Shortly thereafter, we had pages of friend requests, and 800 plays. The picture posted with this post is from Noah's (owner of rescue records/father of P.O.D. drummer (Wuv), and uncle of frontman Sonny) home.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: P.O.D.
Date: May 18, 2007 6:13 PM

Check out one of our new top friends.. This is the most recent Release from our Old Home.. Rescue Records.




A theory can be described as "a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based,” but, in the case of Parker Theory, it is more like a collection of songs that reflect an on-going journey through life … always moving forward, never satisfied to stay in one place, determined to experience life to the fullest. Almost like musical Polaroid snapshots through the window of a moving vehicle.

“It’s as if I had all these pictures, experiences and emotions in my mind and wanted to bring them to life through music,” says Jesse Pruett, lead singer and guitarist. “I had been writing songs at home and knew it was time for a new beginning musically. I decided to start the band because I wanted it to be something I could believe in and be passionate about.”

Pruett asked his good friend Jeff Forrest, who owns Doubletime Studio, to jump in on drums, and brought in two other friends for guitar and bass.

Interest in the independent pop-rock band began shortly after Pruett formed it in the summer of 2000. Their first recording, a self-titled EP, impressed Steven Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth and opened the door for the band to begin playing some of the “cool venues” in California with the novelty rock band, including Ventura Theatre, Coors Amphitheatre, and Biola University. This immediately exposed the band’s infectious melodies to a wide audience.

After a few years of growing recognition in San Diego, playing many shows and enthusiastic local radio station airplay, Parker Theory returned to the studio and recorded their debut album Can Anybody Hear Me in late 2003. “We had a lot of songs written at the time, so we decided to go into the studio and record a full length album” says Pruett, who describes Can Anybody Hear Me as “full of life experiences and relationships.” After finishing the album, Pruett asked Jeff to move to keyboards and step in to sing more harmonies. “You don’t see keyboards too often at shows in our genre,” he says.

The album quickly gained attention from radio, labels and fans, and was nominated in the Orange County music awards, and the San Diego music awards alongside some of the biggest names in the San Diego music scene—Switchfoot, Unwritten Law, Jason Mraz, and Slightly Stoopid. The first track “She Said” topped mp3.com’s pop rock chart and led to Fabtone Records releasing a twenty-song, two-disc recording in Japan, which included Can Anybody Hear Me and songs from the band’s following EP, One Purpose, One Destination, which they wrote and recorded in 2005. “She Said” was also the top pick in a University of Columbia research project featured in the National geographic news where 14,000 participants chose their favorite song without knowing who the bands were.

The following year Pruett decided to write a new album at home on acoustic guitar. “I wanted to try and just write what was coming out naturally and what I was feeling or thinking about at the time and focus on the basics,” he says. After months of writing, he got back together with Forrest and his bass player Jon Upson, and asked his friends—drummer Jarrod Alexander, and guitarists Nick Maybury of Future of Forestry and Rob Fikse—to play on the album. The album was produced by Pruett and recorded at Doubletime Studio with Forrest (Blink 182, As I Lay Dying, Incubus).

Leaving California is a package of cleverly penned alt-pop-rock songs. With strong melodies ala Crowded House, it sonically covers ground somewhere between Jimmy eat World and Snow Patrol. The strong singles on the album, “In the End,” “Shoe Song,” “I Believe,” and “Build You a House,” would not be amiss on movie soundtracks, advertisements, and television shows such as WB’s Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. “I think musically we have a lot of different feels on this new record,” says Pruett. “I like so many different styles of music that I think that comes out in the record.”

The stories, experiences, and passions on Parker Theory’s eclectic sophomore release share the universal laughter, sadness, joy and hope of the adventure of life. Pruett says he hopes “people find strength, healing, vision for their life, and happiness” in listening to the album. “I feel like there is so much out there to experience. That is why I decided to name it “Leaving California.” We are on a journey and I don’t want to stay in one place. This goes for all aspects of my life. I want to always be moving forward and enjoying life to the fullest.”

Following the success of the band’s first album in Japan, Fabtone Records also released Leaving California in Japan in early April, and the band toured there for the first time in May.

Parker Theory released Leaving California in the U.S. on May 15 through Rescue Records (Mri/Sony Red Distribution), which is owned by Noah Bernardo—the father of Noah “Wuv” Bernardo Jnr. of San Diego-based band P.O.D, and the uncle of Sonny Sandoval, the band’s front man.

May 2007

Add THEM: www.myspace.com/parkertheory


Fireworks 4
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So this past weekend, I had a good conversation with one of my friends. He basically talked to me about things he's been struggling with, and what he's learned from it. One of the things he said was this,

"Don't let depression define who you are. You'll find yourself comfortable with it, and you'll then convince yourself that you are a person who is depressed. Even if that's not the case at all."

For some reason, this just hit me. This weekend turned me into a new person. For now at least. I have been in the best mood, and that's cause for celebration.

Also cause for celebration, my band (Parker Theory) released our album today in America. At least in California it's in Best Buy. You can find it on all the .com stores I think. Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, Amazon...all the usuals. Please buy it if you love me. Here's a taste of it, just click:

Thanks for reading. If you came directly to the blog, then check out my real website:


There, you'll find a directory to my photos, blog (here), myspace, and contact info. It's new, so if you haven't seen it, go check it. Also, if you link to me, change the link to go directly to the website, not the blog. Then peeps can see all that is me. :) Love you all, thanks for the birthday wishes (it was monday, May 14th). Happy Wednesday!



I Saw A Caterpiller
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I have a sinking feeling you wrote about me today. You don't even read this blog.

I'm fine. In a sincere way, I'm fine. I'm not ok, at all. My heart is feeling more pain these days than ever before. But I'm fine, and I honestly appreciate you thinking enough to write. Even if it wasn't aimed in my direction. ps. I'm not afraid of you saying hi.

In other news...

The picture associated with this post is one I took this last Saturday on a photo excursion with some friends. When I first started taking pictures of this faucet, I only saw a faucet. There was dripping water, some rust, the usual. So this picture is to remind us of something. It's to remind us that there are things in life that are obvious. The funny thing is, the obvious in this case, was the little creature that I didn't see. How did I not see the obvious? Has life grown to such a speed that I can't look down and see what's in front of me?

Here we are before You, we're falling on our knees
Crying out for a savior, we're crying out for You to see.

Here we are, we're crippled and we're failing
Here we are, we're falling, can You see...

That You're the only one who came for me
So rescue me, I'm desperate for You, my broken heart is calling for You
'Cause You're the only one who can save me
So save me I'm in desperation, save me I've been waiting for You, Lord.

(listen to "Rescue Me" by Joel Hosler)



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So a lot of my entries have been sad. Things in my life have been tough. Real tough. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know what I'm doing. I have so many things going on that I am lost in my own mind and have definitely had trouble finding my way out. I think I'm just about there. At least for a couple days.

My dad has begun radiation on his pelvic bone and lungs. Both have been attacked by cancer. Pray for a miracle. Those are hard to come by, but that makes them more spectacular.

Last night I stayed up late talking to my roomie, Brandon. About 3:30 am I went to bed. Came online to check my e-mail, and fell asleep. At my computer. 4:45 am rolls around and I wake up, close my computer and stand up to go to bed. I get up, and immediately fall flat on my face, no hands to stop me. My legs were asleep and I didn't realize it. So there I lay on the floor, at almost 5:00 am, unable to move. I finally get myself up, rub my face for a few minutes in pain, and hop into bed. I need more sleep.

Britney Spears is doing a secret show at the House Of Blues in San Diego on May 1st. My buddy Rob and I bought tickets. Then we scheduled band practice that night. So I just listed, and sold our $35 tickets on craigslist for $300. We each just made $100 profit on those bad boys.

The picture in this post is a strong symbol of how my life will be very soon. This flower used to be yellow, or white, sitting there by itself amongst some grass. One day it started to change. That's me. I'm ready for a change. I think I need a wife. :) Specifically a hot one. And one with a good job, because in southern California, I can't support 2 people on my income alone. And if you can sing, that's even better. So, Kelly Clarkson, you win. :) Lucky girl you.

This entry has been more personal than normal. I will try and have something or someone to promote for the next entry. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. I've been getting hits on this site from all over the world (Spain, England, China, Japan, etc) and would like to see that trend continue. Say hi once in a while.


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Depth Of Field 2

Depth Of Field 2
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I bought a new lens. An expensive lens. A Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM. That means nothing to anybody, so I'll just post this picture showing the deptch of field, and the bokeh, which also means nothing to anybody. Enjoy. It's a beautiful lens.


Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade
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So today we got the results of my dad's lung biopsy. We have been waiting a few weeks to have some sort of idea what's going on. They tell us it's cancer, they tell us they aren't sure, they tell us he needs more tests.

Today they told us.

They told us that it's "a bad cancer" and "too extensive for surgery" and that it has reached his connecting lymphnodes. Also that it may have affected his liver. I'm not sure, this was all a blur when my mom read it to me. They see a specialist this next week. I believe they've said he needs chemotherapy, and radiation. I don't know what he'll do. It's his choice, and I respect whatever choice he makes. If he decides that chemo will ruin his quality of life, then I will respect that. I want him to live a happy life, for however long he is here.

Thanks for your prayers, keep them coming. His name is Ron.



Grace 1
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So all this week I have been dog sitting. Ironically, I am dog sitting (house sitting also) at the same place where I work. It's a home office. Needless to say, I've been going nuts this week. I wake up, walk down the hall to work, then I work, then I walk back into the house where I eventually fall asleep just to do the same the next morning. The bummer being that the dog I am watching is so spoiled that it needs a lot of attention. I'll live I suppose.

Also, for an update on my pops. He had a full body scan this past week to see if he has any bone cancer. The doctor said they may have found a small amount, but that they will be able to take care of it if that's what it is. He also had a lung biopsy on friday morning. We should find out the details on tuesday or wednesday. This is the news we've been waiting for. I don't know what to expect, and I know I'll be ok with whatever I find out, but the anticipation is terrible.

I'm not going to lie, life has been difficult lately.



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Today is the day that my band's new album, "Leaving California" is released in Japan under the Fabtone Records label. The picture in this entry is the photo I took that ended up being the cover of the new album. Japan Release only, of course.

If you want to see the album cover, or even buy the album, look here:

Parker Theory - Leaving California

If anybody from Japan is reading this, thanks for stopping by.

We get to go to Tokyo on May 24th to support this album. Hopefully it will sell well!

This ends my official post on my band.