JonnyUps, Sumo Wrestler, Jonathan Jones, Jesse Pruett

Well, I've been back from Japan for a couple weeks now and haven't updated you all on my trip. In one word ... Amazing.

Japan is the greatest country I have been in so far. France has the beauty and the romance, Switzerland has the spotless atmosphere, Germany has good beer and beautiful ladies, Japan has most of the above. It is such a comfortable place to be. Every person I met was friendly and kind and willing to help if I needed it...or helped even before I needed it. The food was fantastic. The experiences were great. I loved it, and would go back in a heart beat.

Let's see, a few bullet points from our trip:

-Met a sumo wrestler (see photo attached)
-My Chemical Romance mentioned that they saw the big line outside the venue before our show (no we didn't play with them, they were just in town)
-Fabtone (our label) is run by the greatest people on earth.
-Played a show with more production than a House Of Blues show
-Karaoke (I'll never tell...)
-Bands we played with ruled
-Being a rockstar on the other side of the world
-Hitting my head on every doorway

Those are just a few highlights. I won't share them all, they're only exciting to me and those of us on the trip. But it was sweet. Just know that this trip will never leave my mind.

Hasta La Vista,

ps. new clothing line coming soon...just wait!


http://www.livejournal.com/users/fitzbeew said...

I'm glad you had a good time! sounds awesome.

Jen Zodrow said...

Banzai! we win! (did you get crazy crying girl fans???? im curious)