No Bee

No Bee
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So the Summer Solstice is less than a week away. And also less than a week away is my 4 week (paid) vacation. I plan on hitting up our pool a lot, and taking some pictures, and spending time with my family.

Today is the day of a very special wedding. My neighbor, who I have known since she was in diapers, is getting married. She is a one of a kind human being, and I am so happy for her to start her new life as a married woman. She is a few years younger than me, which causes me to reflect on my life and why I haven't found my wife yet. I know it's a silly thought though, and I won't elaborate on it.

Summer is the season of long days. I love long days. I'm a night person, but will milk the sunlight for all it is worth, then be active until late at night. There is so much to do and see in life that I don't want to miss any of it. Please take advantage of your time here as much as possible.

It's late and I'm not making sense anymore. I will have some exciting news to post here sometime this coming week. It's a new venture in my life that could be very exciting. Please come back, ok?



the CoR said...

I don't know if the title "no bee" was supposed to be metaphor with the whole not having found a wife thing or if it just had to do with the picture or if it was something else altogether.... but I love it as the wife one. Y'know, bee in your bonnett. Birds and the bees. Things like that. So that's what I choose to believe for now. :o)

Jen Zodrow said...

You are silly. Dont rush yourself. Love tends to find us when we least expect it and when we are not looking so STOP LOOKING!!! haha. Just relax and enjoy being single. You think about it too much.

Love you crazy man,

katers said...

i hear kelly clarkson doesn't have plans this summer...

Jonathan said...

i always wanted to married by the time i was 19 or 20. it didn't happen, but i see now that it is a good thing. it has definitely been in God's timing...though it has been tough at times to see so many people younger than I get married.
looking forward to the news!!

Phil said...

thanks for the linkage bro.

hope you find the wife soon. i know she's somewhere around.


Mike said...

There is no equal to that girl you knew since she was in diapers. She is truly one of a kind. But with that I cannot tell you how many times I have heard stories about her childhood memories shared with you. Everyone is shaped by those who have touched our lives, and so I can say, Thanks You for touching her life and helping to mold her into the woman she is today. It meant the world to her for your parents and yourself to be there on that special day.

The Lord works wonders, and blessings are all around us. Love is patient, and God's timing is just that, God's timing...