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So here it is. The news. Some of you already know about this, so forgive me for repeating myself. I will include some other photos in this post to make it worth your while. But this main picture says it all. Amour. It's a clothing company my buddy Travis is starting, and has asked me to start with him. He does some good design work, and I know (and love, of course) a billion people. Together, we'll make this happen.


There it is. Nothing is for sale. We are working on ordering the shirts, making the screens, printing the shirts, and getting them up online for you to love and purchase. The illustration attached is a SMALL sample of the kind of design to expect. These designs will be simple, lovely, hand-drawn, and fun. We're not afraid to have fun. And we're not afraid to wear fun. If this doesn't happen in the month of July, forgive me. It'll come soon!

7 Shot Hummingbird

This shot has gotten so much attention on Flickr.com!! Hundreds of views in just 10 days. I sat patiently in my parent's backyard and finally caught the hummingbird getting some food.

Flower Alone

This lonely flower was just waiting to be photographed. I saw it abstractly, and took it. it was almost amongst other greenery, but it's location forced me to frame it this way, thus making it absolutely stunning to my own eye. I personally LOVE this shot.

New Phone

Last but not least, my new phone. I am retiring cingular, and picking up t-mobile. Cingular, thanks for the last 8 years. T-mobile, you'd better be good to me.

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Katers said...

i knew you had to post something with all this free time. otherwise, i would yell at you.

haha you knowing thousands of people.

fun clothes. yay!

t-mobile? you sucketh.

miss you.

Jon said...

sweet looking stuff!
i am in line to buy! can't wait.

Anonymous said...

is your number the same?