Mike, Jen & Emma 2

Mike, Jen & Emma 2
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3 months from now...

I'm so excited to become an uncle! This will be the first Upson girl to be born since my aunt (over 60 years ago). This photo is of my brother (Mike) and his fiance (Jen) showing each other their bellies. I think Mike may have a larger belly, but Jen is catching up. They're both so happy, and the 2 grandmothers-to-be are excited as well! I hope this brings both families closer, because Jen's family is so much fun!

Seems like the season of babies, so I had to post something about these 2.

On another note, come see me in Malibu with Jonathan Jones, of Waking Ashland, at the Malibu in tonight (thursday) playing some of his new solo material. Check him out here:




The 2nd one is his new band that will be a full rock outfit. GREAT songs to come out of that. See you soon!



LynzMiller said...

Yay babies!! :):)
~LYNZ~ :)

Katers said...

I'm a little miffed that you didn't tell me this is why you were MIA!

No fair!

I hate you.

rose said...

I love kids. I decided I want one, maybe I'll just steal one from the art school...