Racine 3

Racine 3
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I made a new friend about a week ago. His name is Racine. I got to feed him, brush him, help wash him. His owner is also my new friend. I didn't feed or brush her though, I think she's very capable of taking care of those things herself. But Racine and his owner had some jumping lessons, so I went to take pictures. He never jumps, but he did a great job. This shot is after his lesson. He gets to run free and roll around in the dirt and romp and kick and have a good time. He was showing off a little and would run towards me, kick up dust, and take off again.

I love vacation, it's giving me time to do the things I need to do. Too much personal stuff to get into right now, but spending some time with Racine was some much needed therapy. If you ever have the chance to connect with a horse, do it. They are a good time.


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