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So a lot of my entries have been sad. Things in my life have been tough. Real tough. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know what I'm doing. I have so many things going on that I am lost in my own mind and have definitely had trouble finding my way out. I think I'm just about there. At least for a couple days.

My dad has begun radiation on his pelvic bone and lungs. Both have been attacked by cancer. Pray for a miracle. Those are hard to come by, but that makes them more spectacular.

Last night I stayed up late talking to my roomie, Brandon. About 3:30 am I went to bed. Came online to check my e-mail, and fell asleep. At my computer. 4:45 am rolls around and I wake up, close my computer and stand up to go to bed. I get up, and immediately fall flat on my face, no hands to stop me. My legs were asleep and I didn't realize it. So there I lay on the floor, at almost 5:00 am, unable to move. I finally get myself up, rub my face for a few minutes in pain, and hop into bed. I need more sleep.

Britney Spears is doing a secret show at the House Of Blues in San Diego on May 1st. My buddy Rob and I bought tickets. Then we scheduled band practice that night. So I just listed, and sold our $35 tickets on craigslist for $300. We each just made $100 profit on those bad boys.

The picture in this post is a strong symbol of how my life will be very soon. This flower used to be yellow, or white, sitting there by itself amongst some grass. One day it started to change. That's me. I'm ready for a change. I think I need a wife. :) Specifically a hot one. And one with a good job, because in southern California, I can't support 2 people on my income alone. And if you can sing, that's even better. So, Kelly Clarkson, you win. :) Lucky girl you.

This entry has been more personal than normal. I will try and have something or someone to promote for the next entry. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. I've been getting hits on this site from all over the world (Spain, England, China, Japan, etc) and would like to see that trend continue. Say hi once in a while.


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Depth Of Field 2

Depth Of Field 2
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I bought a new lens. An expensive lens. A Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM. That means nothing to anybody, so I'll just post this picture showing the deptch of field, and the bokeh, which also means nothing to anybody. Enjoy. It's a beautiful lens.


Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade
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So today we got the results of my dad's lung biopsy. We have been waiting a few weeks to have some sort of idea what's going on. They tell us it's cancer, they tell us they aren't sure, they tell us he needs more tests.

Today they told us.

They told us that it's "a bad cancer" and "too extensive for surgery" and that it has reached his connecting lymphnodes. Also that it may have affected his liver. I'm not sure, this was all a blur when my mom read it to me. They see a specialist this next week. I believe they've said he needs chemotherapy, and radiation. I don't know what he'll do. It's his choice, and I respect whatever choice he makes. If he decides that chemo will ruin his quality of life, then I will respect that. I want him to live a happy life, for however long he is here.

Thanks for your prayers, keep them coming. His name is Ron.



Grace 1
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So all this week I have been dog sitting. Ironically, I am dog sitting (house sitting also) at the same place where I work. It's a home office. Needless to say, I've been going nuts this week. I wake up, walk down the hall to work, then I work, then I walk back into the house where I eventually fall asleep just to do the same the next morning. The bummer being that the dog I am watching is so spoiled that it needs a lot of attention. I'll live I suppose.

Also, for an update on my pops. He had a full body scan this past week to see if he has any bone cancer. The doctor said they may have found a small amount, but that they will be able to take care of it if that's what it is. He also had a lung biopsy on friday morning. We should find out the details on tuesday or wednesday. This is the news we've been waiting for. I don't know what to expect, and I know I'll be ok with whatever I find out, but the anticipation is terrible.

I'm not going to lie, life has been difficult lately.



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Today is the day that my band's new album, "Leaving California" is released in Japan under the Fabtone Records label. The picture in this entry is the photo I took that ended up being the cover of the new album. Japan Release only, of course.

If you want to see the album cover, or even buy the album, look here:

Parker Theory - Leaving California

If anybody from Japan is reading this, thanks for stopping by.

We get to go to Tokyo on May 24th to support this album. Hopefully it will sell well!

This ends my official post on my band.



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But, this is a picture of the lens I just purchased.

Holy Cow.

I am now poor. Resume feeding me donations for the next 3 months.