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So a lot of my entries have been sad. Things in my life have been tough. Real tough. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know what I'm doing. I have so many things going on that I am lost in my own mind and have definitely had trouble finding my way out. I think I'm just about there. At least for a couple days.

My dad has begun radiation on his pelvic bone and lungs. Both have been attacked by cancer. Pray for a miracle. Those are hard to come by, but that makes them more spectacular.

Last night I stayed up late talking to my roomie, Brandon. About 3:30 am I went to bed. Came online to check my e-mail, and fell asleep. At my computer. 4:45 am rolls around and I wake up, close my computer and stand up to go to bed. I get up, and immediately fall flat on my face, no hands to stop me. My legs were asleep and I didn't realize it. So there I lay on the floor, at almost 5:00 am, unable to move. I finally get myself up, rub my face for a few minutes in pain, and hop into bed. I need more sleep.

Britney Spears is doing a secret show at the House Of Blues in San Diego on May 1st. My buddy Rob and I bought tickets. Then we scheduled band practice that night. So I just listed, and sold our $35 tickets on craigslist for $300. We each just made $100 profit on those bad boys.

The picture in this post is a strong symbol of how my life will be very soon. This flower used to be yellow, or white, sitting there by itself amongst some grass. One day it started to change. That's me. I'm ready for a change. I think I need a wife. :) Specifically a hot one. And one with a good job, because in southern California, I can't support 2 people on my income alone. And if you can sing, that's even better. So, Kelly Clarkson, you win. :) Lucky girl you.

This entry has been more personal than normal. I will try and have something or someone to promote for the next entry. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. I've been getting hits on this site from all over the world (Spain, England, China, Japan, etc) and would like to see that trend continue. Say hi once in a while.


ps. Be sure to use BLINGO.com instead of Google.com (it's powered by Google) because you can win stuff. My friend CorRi searched using Blingo, and won a movie ticket...and that got me one too. Free stuff rules my world. So use it, and rule. Click this cute little picture to use it.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
Get some rest! Your dad needs you to be healthy! I'll be praying for God's great hand of grace to reach down and touch your dad's body with healing.
In Him,

katers said...

someone should tell poor kelly clarkson what she's in for...

hehe Hey, don't make me come over there.

Diana said...

We're praying for ya.

ren said...

i've decided i'm going to read your blog jonny, cause you post in it. i wish people would read my blog, but then i never post so who am i to complain about it. i've read the last five or so entries and i'll go read the rest after i hit submit here, pointerclickerthingy don't fail me now...

ren said...

ok read them all ^_^ i kinda like this here blogger tool. have you got any special setup to get your domain name attached to it? i think id like to switch my blog over cause the tool i use it lame. with a capitol lame.

Holly said...

hey Jon,
I'm really sorry about your dad, and that life has been crappy in general. I'll bookmark your blog and will be praying for you and your dad and family.