I Saw A Caterpiller
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I have a sinking feeling you wrote about me today. You don't even read this blog.

I'm fine. In a sincere way, I'm fine. I'm not ok, at all. My heart is feeling more pain these days than ever before. But I'm fine, and I honestly appreciate you thinking enough to write. Even if it wasn't aimed in my direction. ps. I'm not afraid of you saying hi.

In other news...

The picture associated with this post is one I took this last Saturday on a photo excursion with some friends. When I first started taking pictures of this faucet, I only saw a faucet. There was dripping water, some rust, the usual. So this picture is to remind us of something. It's to remind us that there are things in life that are obvious. The funny thing is, the obvious in this case, was the little creature that I didn't see. How did I not see the obvious? Has life grown to such a speed that I can't look down and see what's in front of me?

Here we are before You, we're falling on our knees
Crying out for a savior, we're crying out for You to see.

Here we are, we're crippled and we're failing
Here we are, we're falling, can You see...

That You're the only one who came for me
So rescue me, I'm desperate for You, my broken heart is calling for You
'Cause You're the only one who can save me
So save me I'm in desperation, save me I've been waiting for You, Lord.

(listen to "Rescue Me" by Joel Hosler)



Anonymous said...

I have a sinking feeling you wanted me to read this. Even though I don't even read this blog. So, well, hi there. It's been quite a while, huh? I got the worst sunburn yesterday, right before I was going to see Nickel Creek and honestly I had no choice but to laugh and think of you.

Actually, I don't know that we have that much in common to talk about anymore but...we should talk sometime. About what, I don't know. I'm fairly confident you won't like the "new me" and the choices I've made but I'm quite content.

What hasn't changed? I still care about you and I never wanted to completely detach you from my life. I knew you were hurting. I was always praying for you.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. You and I have a mutual friend, actually, whose dad just went through something very similar and his recovery story is truly a testimony to the power of families and communities united in prayer. Give my love to your family... Please keep in touch.

Jonathan said...

i like your pictures. a lot.