Shibyua Reflection

Shibyua Reflection
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Mushi Mushi.

So here I sit. 5:16pm in Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan. 1:16am in San Diego. I am far from home.

After a million hours of travelling, we landed in Tokyo, took a train for an hour to Shibuya. Shibuya is part of Tokyo. It's where Lost In Translation was filmed. We hit up our hotel, showered, and went out for dinner. Had some great Japanese beer, and feasted on fish salad, beer, pizza, fries, sushi, beer, ramen, more beer. It was great. I ate a LOT of raw fish. Yellow Tail, Salmon, Tuna, Scallops, Shrimp. All raw. It was nuts. Thanks to the beer, I had no problem. :)

We slept like rocks.

Today we walked around a ton, ate more great food, saw our album in HMV (we were on a listening station with Waking Ashland, Brighten, Copeland, Bayside...pretty sweet) and Tower Records. Quite exciting if you ask me.

Tonight, in about an hour, we go back to the venue we're playing at, and watch the openers. At the end of the night, we take the stage for our cd release show, and see how japan likes us. Maybe they'll hate us. :) Jonathan from Waking Ashland will join us on stage for 2 songs, then we'll finish our set. Our itinerary clearly states that after the show, we "party" so I guess we do what our label tell us. :)

The photo attached is just a reflection of a building on another building. This city is so photogenic.

Love from Tokyo,


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Jon!

Here's a link to my blog:

It's new, so there are only a few entries, but I'm going to be adding a bunch while I'm abroad all summer.

YAY for Japan, and yay for performing abroad! Congratulations!!!

Thanks for the facebook message; it was great to hear from you.

Diana said...

Love the picture, can't wait to see 'em all.

Again, so happy & proud of you guys for what you've done as a band and as people 'cause you dorks aren't so bad and all ;)

Anywho, rock out and break all the ladies' hearts. I'll talk to you when you get back.

PS. Sushi and beer? Bahaha.

Jonathan said...

great photo!! sounds like a lot of fun.