Can Anybody Hear Me?

Can Anybody Hear Me?
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Photographically, this photo isn't anything special. Your mom with a little point and shoot could have made this happen. That's not the point of this picture. The point of this picture is to post it so I have an excuse to blog.

You see, I ditched my LiveJournal a little while back because I turned myself into the internationally known ".com" that I am now. ;) All joking aside, I am giving you all a follow up to some previous posts.

My dad is still battling cancer. He finished up his intense radiation on Monday, the 14th (aka, my birthday). His next appointment is on May 30th, and I think they'll be discussing chemo options, and if any progress was made with the radiation. This could be a huge turning point in the fight to survive. My dad has the option to accept that the cancer is stealing his life away, and he also has the option to fight it with chemo. I have come to the point of not being angry. He has earned the right to make that decision, either way. I can't be selfish and expect him to fight if the outlook is not in his favor. I love my dad, and he has inspired me, and taught me so many things. So whatever his decision be, I respect him and his love for the family he has taken care of for so many years.

In other areas of my life, things are great. I have had the best week in a long time because I have come to realize that my sad little excuse for depression isn't a part of my life, it's just an intruder. My band is leaving for Tokyo on thursday morning, and we'll spend 5 days there, play 3 shows including an in-store performance at Tower Records, and we'll fly home. I'm excited. I have heard nothing but good comments on the country of Japan, and the people who live there. I am excited to meet them and spend some time with them.

In my joy for life this week, I have been caught off guard with some happy transitions and thoughts. I wish I could say more, but I am still figuring things out. Life is good, and God has made it evident in my life that He is the creator of all, and he can change hearts and change minds. And with that, He has transformed thoughts that were in my head into bits of joy that have caught me off guard. So...joy...keep coming. I enjoy you. And I enjoy the people you bring with you.

I must show my thanks to all of you who read this. Cairo, Egypt ... thank you for reading. China, Japan, the UK, Canada...thanks for reading. I appreciate every brain that takes in the story of my life.



LynzMiller said...

I am glad to hear that your outlook on life is going better and your dad is still in our prayers. We'll miss you while you're in Japan, but I guess that's the Rock Star life. Bring little Eli (or Jonathan as you might call him) something awesome back from Japan. :):) Have a wonderful time out there.
~LYNZ~ :)

Jen Zodrow said...

I Love you JonnyUps! I'm always glad to see growth in you. Life is hard at times but without the pain we would not know happiness nor love :). Hope you have a blast in JP! I'm going there in Aug to see family myself. Cant wait <3 Miss you friend!

Jonathan said...

sooooooooooo jealous. enjoy japan. I, too, have heard only great things about that country.
can't wait to hear a full recap.

Diana said...


the CoR said...

Jonny! When you're back from Japan can we pleeeease hang out soon? That'd be splendid. Hope you're having fun, my friend!

rose said...

Cheers to a positive mindset.