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Today is the day that my band's new album, "Leaving California" is released in Japan under the Fabtone Records label. The picture in this entry is the photo I took that ended up being the cover of the new album. Japan Release only, of course.

If you want to see the album cover, or even buy the album, look here:

Parker Theory - Leaving California

If anybody from Japan is reading this, thanks for stopping by.

We get to go to Tokyo on May 24th to support this album. Hopefully it will sell well!

This ends my official post on my band.



katers said...

hurray! that's so cool. all the fangirls can rush to the store and get it!!

rose said...

congratulations, jonny. rock on.

Kristine said...

not even cool - totally didn't realize you had a blogspot too! now I can update myself here :)