Flying High

Newport 3
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This photo is over a year old. It was taken in Newport Beach while I was hanging out with some friends. I remember commenting to them that I was too heavy to ever experience a ride like this, to ever feel that feeling of free flight.

Thinking back on it, gravity has a hold on me. Emotionally at this point in my life, my personal gravity is pulling me down. The natural reaction to gravity is to stand up, to fight it with our muscles so we can walk and live. I'm doing my best. I think I'm standing up fine, but the weight I feel inside is like I'm on mars. I can still fight it, but the gravity has gotten stronger, and makes me feel like I'm 1,000 lb's heavier.

I think that what I'm learning through this ordeal will help me talk to other people better who are dealing with cancer in their life. Either in their body, or the body of a loved one. I don't think my role is to be a motivational speaker, but I think that as cancer becomes more common, I will know more people dealing with it.

I don't know what my next entry will look like. As I feel heavier, my dad prepares to fly high.

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amy said...

Awww, chin up, Jon! Love you, man.