Ginger, My Dog.

Ginger, My Dog.
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Thanksgiving. The time of year where families gather. They eat yams, mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, turkey...the works. Football is on tv, and ovens are furiously warming the treats that we millions across america will soon enjoy. My thanksgiving day didn't consist of a meal like this, but that's ok this year. I spent some quality time in the backyard of my parent's home with my dog, Ginger. She's a loving animal that helps me forget the pain that I feel inside my heart.

Guys, Girls, people reading this. Do me a huge favor and hug your family. Tell somebody you love them. It means more in the long run than you'd ever imagine. Thank you for reading here, I hope to be better at this soon.


ren said...

much love my good friend

amy said...

Awww pretty picture of your puppy. xox

Lassie said...

Well written article.