Rainy Day Schedule
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The 20 year storm that was set to hit San Diego ended up being nothing more than a drizzle. Still, nice to see water fall from the sky instead of 100 degree weather. This weather is very welcomed and sparks great memories of past years.

As I sit here in the parking lot of my favorite Starbucks, sipping my warm hot chocolate and listening to the new mixes from the yet-to-be-finished "We Shot The Moon" album, I can't help but think of C.S. Lewis and his Narnian chronicles. You see, years ago a friend dared me to read a book. You're probably thinking, "Why would you need to be dared to read a book?" but for me, reading isn't something that catches my interest. So I picked up a book, and my unemployed rear, and spent countless days exploring Narnia. Those were the days without heartache, without bills, without lonliness, and without cancer.

And now as the rain gets harder on the windshield, I sigh with contentment knowing that even though I neglect Him, God has me. He undoubtedly has me.


~gift~ said...

I love it. We wrote about the same thing, as if we weren't 300 miles in different parts of the state.

Cliff and Kristine said...

that was a great post. i'm glad you started reading - can't say I stuck with the whole no-soda-drinking...

hope you are well.

JonnyUps said...

i wish i could have stuck to the whole reading thing. i haven't. :) thanks friend.

Diana said...

blog comment hug!

ren said...

j-ups, so i'm playing with my new blogger (more fun than i thought it would be) and i would love love love to know how you post photos the way you do at the beginning on your entries. also, do you house them on your flickr account?