San Diego, I Love You

San Diego, I Love You
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2007, I have a couple words for you. YOU SUCK.

2008, You promise nothing but good, and I'm excited for that.

Now onto the photo. New Years Eve was great, I got to hang out with my great friend Carnell doing some business stuff. Afterwards, Carnell took me up into the sky. You see, he's a pilot, and I'm not. So he showed me the ropes. It was pretty awesome. We took off from North County San Diego, and flew the mile or so to the ocean. We cruised down the coast at about 700 feet. He let me fly a little bit, which was frightening, but very amazing! We did a u-turn just before the San Diego Airport and headed back up the coast. Around Del Mar we headed inland towards my house. At one point, we climbed to 2500 feet, and Carnell killed the engine. Silence. It was so scary for me. You expect to hear the engine, and yet, you hear nothing. The propeller slows down, and you feel a slight drop in altitude. This could be it, THE END! He turned the engine back on and we continued on. Flew over my house, and then back to the airport.

I couldn't have asked for a better day!


Tony said...

The thought of the engine stopping makes my heart stop and gives me a funny feeling in my stomach. That's so awesome.

Assad Saif said...

That sounds like an incredible experience.