Leslie 3

Leslie 3
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So now that it's been a couple months since things all started, I figure it's safe to introduce you kids to my girlfriend. She's absolutely wonderful, and obviously extremely patient to be dating me. We wandered through the back roads of some tiny towns and found an amazing field to shoot pictures in. Leslie didn't really feel like being my model, but that's the price you pay for dating a photographer. When there's a shot to be had, and a model is needed...well, you become the model.

So this field was just a total piece of heaven. Across the tiny road, there was a train track overgrown with weeds and it was just gorgeous. Words don't describe how great this place was.

Expect more photos of this "model" in the future. If you need somebody to blame for me missing around here lately, she's the one. :) Just know that it's good, and I'm glad she occupies my time. If we can ever find this field again, there will be more photos to see. I promise you this.


danielle said...

wahoo!! let's double date :)

I am Christina. said...

I told you this already... but I'm really happy for you!

notorious d.a.v. said...

you will never replace me