Chad, Meet Tim.

Chad, Meet Tim, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

I have other things to be writing about, but this is fresh on my mind.

Last night was the first of three shows this week that I'm hoping to attend and photograph. My friends in As I Lay Dying began filming their live DVD last night at a small venue near my home. It was a sold out show in a tiny venue filled with fans, security guards, HD cameras, recording gear, and everything else that comes along with a hardcore show.

They played their album, Shadows Are Security, from start to finish. They even added a few songs at the end as a special treat. The moment captured above is when Chad Ackerman (Destroy The Runner, Austrian Death Machine) joined As I Lay Dying onstage for some extra vocals. It was a classic moment between friends.

The show ended and the venue cleared out pretty quickly. The dust settled, and even the security guards were bleeding. There are hundreds more from the show and I will be sharing them with the band. Maybe you will see more on here at a later date.


solamentebeth said...

You. Are. Fabulous.!!

Yes. texting is in order. And I think you get your own thanksful number: i.e. #21: Jonnyups.

Renata said...

I used to work with Chad. ha ha ha. that's funny.