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Ok, so I promised to blog about my appointment that I had on Monday with my new doctor from UCSD Medical Center regarding my health.

I am having surgery on May 15th, 2009.

The surgery is to remove any of the remaining harmful mucus in my stomach, and to ensure that it stays gone for a little while. Since what I have has no cure, this is just a big bandage on my future. Weak stomachs skip this next part:

The surgery SHOULD go like this:

-Sleepy Time
-Epidural Catheter (tube in my spine?)
-Cut Me Open (sternum to belt buckle)
-Clean Me Out (each organ gets a wipe down)
-Fill Me With Chemo
-Let Sit for 90 Minutes
-Clean Me Out
-Sew Up Stomach
-Staple Skin Shut
-Hate Life

It will be a 9 to 11 day hospital stay (on average) and I will be super drugged. No working for 6 weeks. My scar will be gnarly.

That's my update. Physically it's going to suck. Mentally it's hard to grasp. Ultimately I want to live a great life, and if this is what it takes to do that, then I'm all in.


Kelley said...

boo surgery- yay being all in to live life to the fullest. you inspire me jon. we are praying daily for you and love you tons.

Tim and Meggan said...

wow, jon! this is intense!! we will be praying for you.

Laura Clay said...

What a procedure! But the goal is a good one. I'll be thinking of you through this.

solamentebeth said...

JONNY UPS!!! Get better soon!!

I'll buy you a bazillion sticks of caffeine if you do!

My thoughts and prayers have been with you. UCSD is a great medical center... I believe it's a teaching hospital? You're probably going to make some med student so happy. :)

Joking, joking! You will live the great life, you ARE great... it just works that way.


Dana said...

Hey Jon, thanks for the gory details. I've never heard of that procedure before, what is your condition actually called? I want to google it (is that weird?, I just want to understand it is all). I really hope you feel a little better each day and that there are long periods between treatments. It sounds like you are in good hands, and you have a beautiful lady to nurse you through recovery. Lots of love and prayers to you dear friend. Love Dana xoxo