Moving Forward

Desirae 2, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

I like to look back often at what I did last year. This photo was taken about a year ago, and it was a total mistake. I do not enjoy editing photos, although I can do it well if I try. This time around, I tried something new. I'm not a fan of it, but I'm posting it anyways to get feedback. I don't like some of the midtones on the left side of the shot. Basically, I've posted a photo I don't like, that I've edited poorly...but I am totally curious to see what you guys think. Let me have it. Thanks!


San Diego wedding and portrait photographer Beki Dawn said...

I like it. Don't be lame.
The highlights on the left side could use a little definition brought back, but besides that it's great. There's nothing wrong with a little blow out once in awhile.
Stick to who you are though, and if you don't like it....then don't do it :)

Erin said...

Its just blow out. Kinda like tartar. No biggie. Just be careful of it in the future. Not every shot is going to be the million dollar one, so learn from each one

Noel Grey said...

Personally, I'm into it! I'll tell you why I don't care about the left "blow out", if you will; It's not what I'm interested in focusing on anyway. The face and hair are exposed perfectly. And most importantly in this, the eyes really stand out. I like it a lot! I don't care what you say! haha.

Thanks for puttin' me on your "blog list". I appreciate it!