Let's Take Some Pictures

Let's Take Some Pictures, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

So here's the deal. In just over a month, I am going into the hospital for surgery. This means, for six weeks following, I will be unable to do photoshoots. This means I will have a handful of days to edit photos.

What this means to everybody:

I would love to take your picture. Between RIGHT NOW and May 15th, 2009, I will take your picture. Bands. Models. Babies. Couples. Dogs. Wannabe Models. You name it, I want to shoot it.

My prices are cheap. Sometimes even free, depending on what needs to be shot. Sometimes I need additions to my portfolio. So what do ya say? Plus, I will be updating my website making it all new. Want to be featured there? Get on it, shoot me an e-mail or comment me here! You can find my contact info on the front page of JonnyUps.com

Talk to you soon!

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Anonymous said...

jon, this is christine. what did you do to the right pic? i LOVE that effect!