The Big Secret

Riley, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

Apparently there's this big secret. This is something I've known for a long time, but haven't payed much attention to.

I follow my blog hits on Google Analytics, it's a great tool for seeing if you're important on the internet or not. Seriously. And my buddy Jason refers to me (in real life) as "Jonny from the Internet"

Well, the big secret is this:

If you post an entry on your amazing blog, you become "Important For A Day!" Trust me, I've tried this and proved it to be true. For the majority of the time, I'm nobody. My site gets 11 hits here, 30 hits there...but when I post an entry, I'm blasted into the so-called "blogosphere" with 78 hits! Wow! Who are you people? Where do you come from? Are you here for the photos? Are you here because you're my friend? Are you here because you have to be? (I'm talking to you, Mom)

Shed some light on this for me. I don't bite. Unlike this adorable puppy who is new to my friends family, and who recently added to my vast collection of scars by going all Mike Tyson on my ear. Thanks Riley, you bloodsucking piece of adorable dog.


Tim and Meggan said...

I always enjoy reading your blog!

danielle said...

i hear ya! that's how we feel...sometimes i think it's pointless to have the personal blog at all and i keep the business one going mainly because we get more hits there than on our site (only a few comments) i think tons of people read blogs but not all are comment-worthy i guess. plus, i have this thing on the side of mine that let's me know when people update their blogs so i won't check a blog unless it's been updated, so maybe that's it :)

rose said...

i'm rose from the internet, and somehow your friend in real life too. eh?

gellie said...

i'm just here cause rose linked me.

riley is my stepbrother's name.

AaronPeet said...

I came to your site because you told me you posted a picture of my dog. Does that solve your "Big Secret?"

Great pic by the way.

Anonymous said...

I am your stalker and prefer to remain anonymous.

rose said...

i know who the anonymous stalker is.

notorious d.a.v. said...

i simply do what the voices tell me to do

Laura Clay said...

I enjoy seeing what my old SFooter/concert goer friend is up to. :) So excited that you're getting married!