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Hello Hurricane, what is this, the 7th full-length album by the "San Diego Rockers" known as Switchfoot. This band has been a part of my life personally since 1997, but you don't want to hear about that. All I have to say is that they started out on top. They have truly hit the pavement to make this band happen, and despite their lackluster album sales (compared to say, the talentless Nickelback), their concerts continue to sell out and pull in huge crowds across the country, and in many other parts of the world.

Look at modern music. Most bands have a hard time staying musically relevant. Google "1 Hit Wonders" and you'll get a ton of bands you don't recognize and a ton of songs that you do. However, they have had only 1 hit. Switchfoot has had 2. So take them off that list and get listening to this new album, Hello Hurricane. My review is this:

Hello Hurricane is dirty.
Hello Hurricane is clean.
Hello Hurricane is catchy.
Hello Hurricane is not a pop record.

What I hope that Hello Hurricane is, is a bridge to what the next couple of years hold for Switchfoot. It keeps me listening and singing along, but it also satisfies the side of me that needs to drive fast and pound the steering wheel as if I were drummer, Chad Butler, himself. This album is worth a listen, and even a purchase. It comes out tomorrow, November 10th, 2009.

Highlights for me include, but are not limited to:

Mess of Me (the first single off the record)
Your Love Is A Song
The Sound
Bullet Soul


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Morgan Miller said...


I got to work for switchfoot all weekend and they are amazing guys, and they are so so so so excited about the new record.
And rightly so!

It is pretty wonderful.