Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine
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A good few weeks or more ago, I had the chance to photo my friend (landlord, roomie) Tim for his new side project. It's called "Austrian Death Machine" and is slated for full release on July 22nd, 2008. What started as a joke to him quickly became a project with serious potential. Check it out here:


This marks my 2nd credit to photography on a CD release.

Also, the artwork of the "Governator" was done specially for this release, and was illustrated by the artist who did many of the best Megadeath album artwork.


Anonymous said...

Good job on the photos! However, these links apply to Tim, not you.


Selling out venues since the start of 2001. Unlike Tim, they did research before starting to make sure they were the first and only doing it! Also spoke with lawyers about how to proceed without cease and decist orders from Arnold or Movie companies. Looks like Tim didn't do that either. Oops.

notorious d.a.v. said...

freaking haters