We Shot The Moon 7

We Shot The Moon 7
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So, I got a new camera. You may have thought that I didn't need another one, but I got it anyways.

This week I tested it out. A family party, a concert, some Emma time. The photo in this post is from a concert, obviously.

We Shot The Moon is a band from San Diego, created by the lead singer of Waking Ashland (RIP) and songs co-written with the guys from Sherwood. The songs are catchy, but not so poppy that you want to puke. I saw them this week, and can I be honest? Not enough of you are listening to their music! It's so true! The turnout for the show was 100 people at the most, and these guys are being played in stores across the country, touring constantly, and making GREAT music. So here's your chance to listen.


They are on tour forever, and their shows are great. Cheap too. The tour dates are on the myspace page (link on the main page) and everything you need to know is available at that link. Do yourself a favor and listen.

I have a few more pictures on my flickr, just click the attached photo and head on over there to check them out. I may even hit the road with them if our schedules line up. Go listen, report back, let's hear what you think.

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~gift~ said...

I love it, thanks Jonny!

And, right back at you,
Check out jontroast.com
He just came through Hume, friend of a friend of mine. All he does are house concerts and he just finished touring CA.