Holidays Of Seventeen

Holidays Of Seventeen
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When I was in Japan, May 2007, we played a couple shows with an unknown Japanese band. They're name is "Holidays of Seventeen" and you know who they are onstage because they all wear their own band t-shirt during their set.

The second I heard them play, I couldn't stop listening. I bought a shirt. I bought a cd. The shirt didn't fit and the cd was recorded in such a way that I don't know what I'm even listening to. But still, I was a fan. I kept telling them how they were my new favorite band, but humbly they didn't believe me. So I told the record label. They kind of believed me. Until they signed this band. Thank you Fabtone Records.

A little over a year later, they have come out with a video for a song called, "Hey, Scissorman!" and I'm not quite sure what that means, but I love the song, and I love the video. Check it out below ...


If you're at all interested in purchasing some music of theirs, I have found a split-cd on iTunes with another band called, "Local Sound Style" who we also played some shows with. Here's the linky link:

Holidays Of Seventeen 2
clickity click the photo to head on over to iTunes

or: myspace.com/ho17

So enjoy this taste of Japan, a far away place from San Diego, but good music for your ears.


Lyric said...

Jonny, How do you not understand them? They're singing in Engrish
I understood completely
Rerationship= Relationship
Aporogy= Apology
Sewious= Serious
Gib= Give
C'mon man... it's not that hard

But I like them
Way good

The Neeleys said...

yes, it is the nifty fifty! :) I LOVE IT!