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Most stories start at the beginning, and work their way to the end. I'm not so good at this, I jump around and find my way to the important part of the story before realizing I've left out some major details. All of that to say this:

Listen to Joel Hosler's music.

The main point is this ... I've known Joel for 2 years now and he has come to impress me beyond explanation.

The story behind it all ... 2 years ago, Joel got involved in worship at my church. Not too long after that, he was offered a job at Calvary Chapel in Adelanto, CA. For those of you who know where Adelanto is, I applaud you. I still have no clue where this place is. Anyways, Joel came back to Escondido this weekend to lead worship at Resonate, the service that I play bass for each week. For me, it was difficult to pull my talent together fast enough to make my part of the music sound good. Along the same lines though, I was honored to be a part of the music being made.

Joel Hosler was also the singer for the now defunct band, Noise Ratchet.

Anyways, that's my story. No fantastic plot, no beginning or end. Just the story. Now go, you are probably reading this at work and should be doing something else!

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