Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning
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Today I start my week long journey with We Shot The Moon on the
California leg of their tour. I'm currently sitting on the porch of
singer Jonathan Jones' house in Cardiff, CA and as you can see, the view
is rather beautiful.

Sitting here got me thinking. Thinking about how small I am, about how
my life is a tiny spec of a blip in the big picture. Not in a depressing
sort of way, but in more of a refreshing way. I like these moments, it
allows me to finally slow my mind enough to enjoy life.

A car passes by every 5 seconds or so, and each car carries a different
life and a new story. I get to hear the music each person likes to
listen to, or a quick 2 second glimpse of ther cell phone conversation.
I find out if their a daredevil on a Harley, or a soccer-mom in their
oversized SUV.

Yes, this is the life. Sitting here, letting the rest of the world rush
to their next meeting, or to their doctors appointment while I sit here
and enjoy this creation.

Well, time to go. I need to eat breakfast, run to the bank, brush my
teeth, and hit the road. This relaxing moment was bound to end soon.


miss kerry said...

does this tour not include a san francisco stop? what.

The Neeleys said...

I know what you mean...

And yes, a photo play-date would be lots of fun! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of you group... I've got to start practicing that whole shoot from the hip thing. I need a busy place. That would be fun. :)

Hope you are well!