Dancing In The Moonlight

Dancing In The Moonlight
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This weekend I shot a wedding. In the past, I have said that I hate shooting weddings. I mean, the money is good, and I am capable of doing it. I just don't like the idea of a persons BIG DAY resting on my shoulders.

Anyways, I was definitely excited about this wedding. I had a couple opportunities to meet the bride before the wedding, and I knew she was awesome and laid back. She had explained how the wedding would run, including a Clydesdale-drawn carriage. All picture perfect.

There's something about doing photography for a living that seems perfect and glamorous. Like any job, that's not the case. Photography is an art, and forcing yourself to turn your creativity on is harder than you'd think. Don't get me wrong, for the most part this all seems to come naturally. There is just the expectation that you're always going to be in "photo-mode" which isn't always the case. There are days I look at my camera and think, "Yeah, I'm not going to pick that up today because we both need a break."

The above photo was one of those moments where I just new a photo had to be taken. I hate to disappoint, but this was not a natural moment. It was definitely staged. Conditions weren't exactly ideal, mostly because it was pitch black outside. But the lights on the gazebo called my name all night and I had to try and get this shot. Hope you enjoy. This also launches the start of a new joint-venture with my buddy Dave.

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SidebySide Video said...

awesome!! it would be so much fun to shoot a wedding with you two! i'm glad we're all in the biz together :)

Christine said...

jon - i love the photo! i think this would make a great square portfolio piece (lots of dead space at the top and bottom that could be cropped out). i am a huge fan of the "silver lining" affect around the people (at least that's what i call it).
LOVE YOU.. can't wait til i can join the team ...and answer phones. HA!

Brian and Julia Davis said...

We knew that you would do an awesome job shooting weddings. You and Dave did a wonderful job for our wedding day. So excited for you!

And I totally agree that it would be neat to see you shoot with Danielle and Jared.

Christy said...

jon, you take such amazing photos! I love teh wedding on eon your page! Beautiful!