My Summer Road Trip, 2008

Jumping Rock, Hume Lake
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When I was in high school, I got an almost full-time job and lost my summers. Now that I'm more than 7 years out of high school, I've finally had the chance to enjoy a summer. My current job takes 4 weeks off for the month of July and I took advantage of this time to travel my great state of California.

Leslie and I left San Diego early in the morning on June 29th and headed for Hume Lake. Hume is a camp I would go to as a high school student, and I knew my way around it enough to show her some beautiful places. The picture above is a rock that we would jump off of into the water.

Hume Lake, California

This is from Lookout Rock. You're on a huge boulder on the side of a mountain, looking out over King's Canyon. It feels like you're flying when you're up there.

The night before we left, we sat in some chairs at the edge of the lake looking up at the stars. I took a few pictures of the sky and here's what I came out with.

Outer Space

We left Hume Lake the next morning and headed for her old hometown of Stockton, California. We spent a nice part of that drive going through scenic Fresno. I have nothing against Fresno. I will just never live there. Ever.

God Is Watching

Listen to the people. Stop painting the churh.

I've already blogged about Bodega Bay, California...so I won't bother you with that. I'll just post a slew of photos here and if you want to see more you can click any of them to continue on to my flickr page. Please feel free to leave comments. I won't bite.



Bodega Bay, California 3

Bodega Bay, California 4

Bodega Bay, California 5

Bodega Bay, California 6

Golden Warmth

DJ Jay

This last photo is of Leslie's brother-in-law, Jay. He's well over 6 feet tall and I had to stretch my arm way up high to get a picture looking down at him. I had no choice, this was the perfect setting for a photo. He was the perfect subject for this photo.

And there you have it. My summer in a nutshell. I also went on tour with We Shot The Moon as you may have seen my previous blog entry on that as well. Thanks for reading!

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Tiffany Ann said...

You came up to Hume this summer? Where the heck was I!?! I like your pictures of my lake (thats right, its mine.)