Green Day

Green Day, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

On Thursday, August 20th of 2009, my musical & photographic lives met. Came full circle. Oh man.

Green Day's first hit album "Dookie" was my first cd ever purchased. It was edgy and I was often afraid to admit that I even owned it. I was just a kid. It was my first musical experience outside of listening to Amy Grant on the local pop station in the family van.

Green Day, legends, came to San Diego and thanks to www.IndieRockReviews.com I was able to nail down a photo pass and join the 10 other photographers in the over-crowded pit.

My other shots can be found on the site mentioned above. Please stop by and look at them, leave a comment too! Once they've been on the site for a while, I'll throw them up on here.

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