Rory Felton, The Militia Group

Rory Felton, The Militia Group, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

On a hot summer day, the owner of The Militia Group needed his portrait taken. In a bind, I ran to get my camera from the van. It was about a mile each way. I ran, trust me. He needed his photo taken for an article that was being written about him for Billboard Magazine. I don't think my photo was included in the article, but there was that chance. It was a great experience to work in a situation where the subject didn't know what he wanted from this 30 second photoshoot. Rory is responsible for signing such bands as:

Juliette and the Licks
Noise Ratchet
The Rocket Summer

Since then, I have had photos placed in great places and hope to continue that trend! I've sat on this photo for a long time now, time to throw it online.

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Morgan Miller said...

Rory is definitely one of my heroes.