The Circus Lights

The Circus Lights, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

The Switchfoot Bro-Am weekend is in full effect right now. During the Switchfoot concert tonight at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fair) I stopped to breath and took a completely unfocused shot of the ferris wheel and the lights of the fair. Quite calming to just look through the lens and get lost in the vagueness of life at the fair.

Thanks to some close friends, I was able to shoot the show from the pit of the 10 foot stage. Got a couple keepers. Felt WONDERFUL to hold my camera and be in the excitement of a live show. I've been recovering for a while and have been waiting to shoot a show again.

Now some photos of Switchfoot.






Ericka said...

Those are so awesome...maybe I should have gone.

anjuli said...

oh- i loved seeing you at the fair- it made for a wonderful surprise! Amazing, as usual, pictures! love the new blog too!

Laura Clay said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this show as it as my first in *years*. I was surprised to see you there in the pit. You got some awesome shots.