It's Not A Tumor! It's A Scone.

It's Not A Tumor! It's A Scone., originally uploaded by jonnyups.

Yes, I broke the doctor's orders. I went to try my hand at photojournalism. I've been eternally inspired by my friend Luke Sharrett, http://sharrett.blogspot.com , who has photographed multiple Presidents and the civilians who make up this country. So with his inspiration I pushed myself during my recovery to go photograph California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I got a lot of him arriving and leaving the meeting about the budget crisis, so I left and ran to Starbucks where I parked my car. Sure enough, the Governator himself was inside. So I stood in line, snapped some cell-phone shots (because my camera was on the ground outside being watched by Secret Service) and went back outside to wait for him. I caught him enjoying his coffee and scone and then he left!

Just a day in the life...

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notorious d.a.v. said...

wow, he almost looks human

Luke S said...

that's my boy!!!