Fiction Family

Fiction Family, originally uploaded by jonnyups.

1998: Saw Switchfoot for the first time.

2009: Fiction Family releases their first album.

There are 11 years in between those 2 moments, but there is so much story to fill that space. In the midst of my love for local San Diego music, I met people who introduced me to a band called Nickel Creek. My rock music heart was skeptical over a band that was considered "New Grass" ... a poppier for mainstream form of Blue Grass. Whatever, I listened, I fell in love. Great songs. Incredible talent.

One day, the 2 aforementioned bands joined to form Fiction Family. Chances are, you've heard their album. If you have not, please go here:


One of the more fun shows I've seen in a long time. Too much talent on stage, and a list of great songs both originals and covers. Enjoy this band, talent like this doesn't come around often.


Morgan Miller said...

I love how you say "first album."
Please oh please let there be more.

NQbass7 said...

There will be more. From talking to Sean, it sounds like they're hoping to go into the studio (along with Tyler and Aaron - hell yes) to record sometime this fall, if they can find time between touring schedules.

Lori said...

I see Molly Jenson - were there others performing that night too? :)