Canon + Apple = Love
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In this life, I have few loves. My Canon camera, and my Apple (MacBook Pro) laptop. Some other loves are my Taylor 414ce acoustic guitar, my Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray bass guitar and my friends.

I know 4 out of the 5 of those are objects you can buy. I consider my family as part of the friends group. I love my family.

I'm not a very material person. I mean, I am because I enjoy buying things that are awesome (such as cameras, computers, instruments), but I enjoy moments in life, experiences, and people far more than anything you could buy at a store.

With my instruments, I've had the chance to have some amazing experiences. I've traveled to Germany/Switzerland/France because of music. I've played in front of thousands of people in one night. And soon I will be going to Japan to play music. I've gotten to record with amazing artists, I've gotten to learn more about myself by teaching myself an instrument. I've had some great times, and I've allowed myself to look deeper while holding an instrument.

With my camera I've been able to meet and photograph some amazing bands. I've been able to stretch myself by doing portraits, weddings, parties, and other things I would have never imagined attending or trying. I've learned the value of a dollar, and when I want to buy something for my camera, I know it's important to save about two thousand of those valuable dollars. And because of photography, I have now become a "Professional Photographer" for my job. It's full time, and I get to work with kids and love people in a way I could have never imagined.

With my computer, I have become a ".com" and have people from all over the world reading useless ramblings of a dumb guy in San Diego, California.

Because of money, I have been able to buy happiness. DO NOT, for a moment, think that money can buy happiness. Money can be the root of all evil. You just have to use what you have, in a positive way. Years ago, I decided that I was going to live my life in a way that made me happy. I think that if you have a job that you're not happy with, you need to do something to change it. I have had jobs I enjoy, but I am constantly changing in the area of what I enjoy. I have come to a place where I love what I do. My free time is filled with photography, or music, or traveling, or friendships. Not to pull a Dr. Phil on you, but when you click out of this page and go elsewhere on the net, don't forget this. Don't forget that YOU are responsible for yourself. You have the power to make yourself happy. Just look at life a little differently.

"In this life you're the flower and the thorn... -jon foreman


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