Tracy Johnson 1
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I love this picture. It's not a fantastic picture by any means, but it has special meaning to me. Special because it's one of the few photos I have of my acoustic guitar. Sadly, I'm not in the shot with it, but that's ok. I like the vintage couch. The blue on brown, the beige, the soft lighting.

This photo was taken quite a while ago. My friend Tracy Johnson (www.myspace.com/tracyjohnson) asked me to take promotional shots for her. So naturally I said yes. When she saw them, she wasn't a huge fan, and hasn't used any of them. I still love her. I didn't post them at her request, but I haven't seen her in a while so here they are. I own the rights anyways.

Last night, one of her songs (co-written by the singer in my band) was played on Mtv's "The Real World: Denver" and so I am posting this photo because I am proud of her!

I am getting a new external hard drive in a couple days, so I can start posting photos again. Photos with stories. Don't forget about me, bookmark this place and come back often. Thanks Friends!


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