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So as I was walking through Fremont (Seattle, Washington), I saw this...a telephone pole that had seen it's fair share of staples. There are probably 40 or 50 billion staples on this post. It's ridiculous. But think about it, what announcements have been made on this post?

"Concert this Friday!"

That's an easy one. Maybe political statements, or maybe religious statements.

"Jesus Loves You"

Whatever has gone on this post, placed there by a person, and held tightly by staples, I hope it was read. I hope someone saw the message, and acknowledged it. Either by reading, or ripping the paper off, or sticking gum to it. I hope this post has been well loved. Actually, as I was walking down this street, I saw a woman walking with a stack of papers and a stapler. She stopped at the post before this, and left her message. And to be honest, I am everything I don't want to be. I didn't read her message. I just thought about what I would staple to a post.

What would you staple to a post? If you were on a busy street with a stack of papers and a stapler, what would your papers say?



Jen Zodrow said...

"I love you... Pass it on"

Diana said...

for a blond, you sure do think a lot ;)