Stipes Of Fremont
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This was a door near an antique shop in Fremont (Seattle). I like to travel, and see the world. Seattle is one of my favorite places. I would like to live there, but I would also like to stay here in San Diego.

Not everything is black and white.

Speaking of travel. I just found out this week that my bands record label in Japan is bring us out to Tokyo in May. We're going to be opening for our friends in Waking Ashland for at least 3 shows. I love Waking Ashland, and they are from right here where I live, so it will be great to travel across the world with them. I am excited to see Japan, and know what the culture is like. My friend Jordan (from As I Lay Dying) has told me that Japan has the best fans in the world, and I look forward to finding out for myself. You can expect pictures, for sure!!!

I love music, I love photography, I love sleeping, I love God, and I love my life. I am thankful for ALL of the awesome things I get to do.



Linda Z. said...

wow! awesome! congrats! you rock jonny!

Julia said...

Cool jon! How exciting for you to travel to Japan. And don't you be getting ideas of moving to Seattle. Nawty, nawty boy! =)

Kate said...

well you know that i'm excited for you and the rest of the guys. this is really really cool. (you know that, though)

this photo reminds me of a lighthouse.